Thursday, July 09, 2009

"Momma how will I know?"

Each night I pray over my daughter as I snuggle in bed, "God I ask three things for her... Lord help her to love you with all her heart, protect her all of her days, & Lord prepare for her a husband who loves Jesus with all his heart."

It's rather simplistic I know. But it bottom-lines it & I cry out to God for it!

The other night as I was tucking her in & was about to pray what I always pray, Josey asked- "Momma, how will I know if a man loves Jesus?"

My mind raced. This should be an easy question to answer? But then I felt my forehead scrunch a bit to ponder how I would answer her. I knew the answer would need to be simple because after all, she's five.

Then this just came out: "You'll know because he will love you like daddy loves you & daddy loves you unselfishly, just as you are! Daddy is always looking to see how he can give to you, not take from you. And you'll know because he will want to, and he will, spend time in the presence of the Lord. He will desire to spend time with Jesus like your daddy does."

As I went to bed that night, I thought I might have answered her wrong. I thought I could have said something different, or said a whole lot more. But for then, that was the answer that came. And I know this is just the beginning of such discussions.......

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  1. Dearest, You are the sweetest mom & I am soo proud of you. The response was so heart felt. It brought tears to my eyes. Little Priss is far too smart foe her age. But I am flattered she is even thinking down her future path at age 5. Wisdom was always a great trait & gift God gave you so I know you will answer well. And w/Joey's knowledge of the bible & yours & the childrens already you will be well to answer her in the future. LOVE, YOUR COONER