Monday, July 20, 2009

"Josey's 1st Birthday"

soooo in keeping with my birthday theme week.... I have decided to showcase my little Prissy's birthdays starting with the big #1. Each day this week you can see what we were doing this time on that year!!!!!!! Oh what FUN I have had planning these parties. I have much still to do for the Luau & my family is coming into town this week too- yeah!!!!!! Hope that ya'll enjoy!!

her invitation:
the little insert went inside
the "pretty package" folder
& of course I added a ribbon!!!
(I mean really- she just turns 1 once)

themed party came complete with
what else??? a PINK PURSE CAKE
(finished off with a chocolate malt ball handle &
tinted pink coconut to make it ultra
FU FU!!!!!!) each guest got to take
home a "purse" with age appropriate
goodies & toys!!!

this was outfit #2
@ the party- she had such
a great day!!!!!!

party # 2!!!!!!!

OK so maybe she did
get to turn 1 twice???
Aunt Carol & Grandma Harris
had a party for her in IN too!!!!!
(being a Harris-girl definitely has its perks!!)

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