Friday, July 10, 2009

"Handmade Especially for You..."

Alright... here is a little treat from the summer heat!!! Many moons ago Priss broke out with a little case of infantile eczema. I tried tons of over-the-counter lotions & NONE of them really worked. SOOO I decided to try to make something myself. After a few trials & changes I found the perfect combination. My family uses it daily & many of you have gotten it as gifts over the years. I just start with basic glycerin, aloe, & vitamin E. Next I add tea-tree oil & a splash of rose water for smell (all of these can be purchases at Nature's Own). I promise that it is the BEST lotion that I have ever used- try it out for yourself. Maybe someday I will add it to my little business. I can just see it on a shelf along side my hair bows- ha ha!!!!!!!

I mix all the ingredients together in
my stand mixer- then I fill these perfect
open mouth jars to the brim..
(recycled olive jars- just the right size & shape)

next I finish them up with
a pretty ribbon & label-
"Handmade Especially for You
By: Ashly & Josey"
(after all- she was my inspiration for making it...)

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