Friday, July 03, 2009

"flip-flops for EVERYONE"

Yesterday Josey, Ashton, & I hosted a little swim get-together. After all- the girls haven't seen each other since VBS last week, ha ha! We all had a super fun time. I love seeing my children having such fun with their buddies!!!!!

I put together some little
snack bags & what girl
wouldn't love a personalized
water bottle???
(I saw this cute idea on-line
& it's perfect for the pool)

I found these cute flip-flops for
the girls for $1.oo & added
some ribbon- SOOO cute
all marching to the pool in them!!!

A-man had a ball with his
little alligator & of course
ate ALL of his snack bag contents..

the girls swim like
little fish-
I L-O-V-E this stage!!!
(it makes the pool so fun)

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