Friday, July 24, 2009

"Josey's 5th Birthday"

Josey was VERY into "High School Musical" so that became the obvious choice for b-day #5. I organized the party to be held @ her ballet school. There the girls were taught a musical skit/dance by a real ballerina & they got to show off their stuff when their parents arrived. They had a ball singing karaoke, hitting a pinata & gathering the fun loot, choosing 1 of the VERY popular lip-gloss rings, putting on tattoos that said "I (heart) Troy", & getting a fun twirl ballet skirt to keep as a memento. It was very sweet, but it seemed very grown to me- they really entertained themselves. However little A-man lifted my spirits with his VERY 1 yr old self......

the invitation:
a HSM movie ticket
complete with Josey's picture-
(you only get to be 5 once too)

A-man was so precious-
he just watched all the girls
so patiently for 2 solid hours...
(& the fact that 1 entire wall of the room was
mirrored helped keep him entertained!)

amazed @ all the 5 yr old
dancing talent, but I was
BLOWN AWAY when they started
singing... they knew ALL of words
of EVERY song. I remember Miss Amy
asking Priss "which song would you like
birthday girl?"- Josey's reply..
"any of them- I know them all.."

they all danced/sang until
they were RED in the face & ready for
Gabriella & Sharpay bracelet topped
cup cakes with East High juice boxes....
after all-
"we're all in this together.."

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