Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"my little McTeeny"

We (heart) scrub pants around here & some little person I know... ALWAYS wants to be/look like his daddy? So... I decided to free-cycle some old scrub pants into some for my little McTeeny...

first- trace around a pair of pants that fits them well (in his case- he adores these little warm-up pants).

then pin & cut around your traced lines (keeping the bottom & outer side ALL the way to the original hem line to avoid having to make a new one).

next- do the very same thing with the other leg (mirror image).

next- put the good sides together & pin the upper sides & sew just to the point (NOT down the leg).

next pin the inner legs together & sew...

now for the waist band- fold over a small amount, then press & sew (to make it look finished on the inside too).

next- make 2 button holes big enough for the draw string (I am NOT great @ button holes- maybe one day I'll break down & read my machine manual???). You could also use elastic- I just like the look of the string (and A-man LOVES orange)!!

finally- sew around the waist band & add the draw string!
(10 minutes to a pair of pants he'll LOVE)

look out Dr. McDreamy & Dr. McSteamy... my little McTeeny is killer cute!!!
the DOCTOR is in...

and he didn't want to take them off for bath-time... but who could blame him? He looks handsome like his daddy now!!!!!!!

and they apparently make your muscles look very BIG too!!!!
(I think I'll try this little pattern on one of Joey's old t-shirts & on an old crib sheet that I couldn't part with???)

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