Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"the EXAM..."

Well... you'll NEVER guess what happened today! First let me tell you that Josey has been very persistent that "Lucy Danyell needs to get her eyes checked, "she sometimes squints when when she reads". This very discussion has come up multiple times at dinner lately! So yesterday while I was shopping at Michaels (with my 40% off coupon that was burning a hole in my purse) I watching in utter & complete awe as they stocked the shelf with mini glasses- perfect for Lucy Danyell... "Should I get those? Should I wait until Christmas? Would Joey play along with my little scheme? Am I really asking myself these questions... am I out of control?"... Well simply stated; YES, I got them- NO, I can't wait until Christmas- YES, he more than went along with the crazy plan- & YES, I am totally out of control!!!! The rest is history...

Lucy was such a perfect little patient- she felt right @ home with
the GOOD doctor...

Unfortunately- she did require glasses (I bet ya'll could have guessed that).
We went straight to pick Priss up from school after the exam- Josey was BEYOND excited! (I only wish that you could have seen her face when she saw Lucy wearing her new glasses- PRICELESS.)

p.s. Lucy Danyell was so brave that A-man decided he wanted a check-up too. The very friendly/hunky doctor was ALL too happy to check him out as well! But NO glasses for him- he had to settle for playing with the equipment instead- (I think he was fine with that- ha ha ha)!!!

p.s.s. Several of the ladies in the office have daughters with American Girl dolls too- I think he may be getting even busier very soon...

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