Wednesday, November 04, 2009

"memories on a heart string..."

Today as I was in the craft room- I stumbled across a big bag of old clothes (they would be pure-T junk to most of ya'll), but they are PRICELESS to me. They include stained night gowns, ripped Tu Tu's, patched blankets, my FAVORITE maternity dress, & YES even the little dress that I wore home from the hospital. I am SUPER sentimental, but the bag has gotten a bit ridiculous (even for me)!!!!! So I saw this precious idea from the Nester (one of favorite sites) & then I thought about my Priss:

and how she once looked like this:

Then I grabbed the bag out of the trash (now let me be honest- I was ONLY throwing away socks..) & found myself knee deep in this:

(this is just what it looks like- scraps of fabric that I have made her dresses out of, old stained clothes, ribbon, trim from her nursery curtains, maternity clothes, lace from her fancy socks, & lots of other FANTASTIC memories for me...)

Next I cut them all into 10 inch pieces (with a VERY heavy heart) & then tied them onto a piece of jute. I must admit that I was questioning the WHOLE idea of this little endeavor to the FULLEST degree...

Then I called Cooner to tell her what I had done... It's funny I still tell on myself- even as an adult. She was (to my surprise) very happy with the idea & she recognized many of the prints. I hope that my little Priss can point out some too -(I bet that Joey will notice the dress that I wore basically EVERYDAY while I was pregnant)??

Next I placed it where I could see it EVERYDAY & remember just how precious all of those times were. (I also added some curtain clips throughout it to hang special things on- like her 1st pair of ballet shoes, bonnets, & whatever else I fancy..)

p.s. I LOVED this so much- that I am thinking of making a Christmas one for the mantel with jingle bells, old Christmas morning pj's, hats, gloves, & other fun Harris Has-Beens...


  1. your garland looks awesome!!! i've made 4! heehe...i'm addicted ;-) i saw your comment on eddie's blog and had to come check out your garland! xoxo

  2. I too want to try this tutorial. Even more so now that I've seen yours... it ROCKS!!! God's blessings on your adorable family, Sarah :D