Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Our Super SWEET Scarecrows"

Ashton & I had Priss ALL to ourselves (her school was closed for Veteran's day) yesterday.... and we LOVED it!!! I had promised a fun-filled day & I think I delivered with this little project... These little guys were the perfect solution- NO BAKE, KID FRIENDLY, & YUMMY!!!

you'll need: vanilla creme cookies, white icing, candy corn, mini chocolate chips, candied orange slices, weave-it crackers, & a VERY eager clean handed little helper!!!

start by icing the cookies & having your helper add the eyes, hair, & nose...

Next dust a baking board with powdered sugar & roll out the orange slices. Then fold up the bottom to form the hat brim.

Finally taste one- we decided the BEST way is to "eat them apart"- start with the nose & work your way to the cookie...

Then pack them up in cute little bags to sent to school for all the other little kiddos to enjoy!!!
(but don't forget to keep some @ home for the little guys too)

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