Thursday, November 05, 2009

"velvet mittens"

~Thankful Thursdays~

Today I am thankful for moments spent holding hands with my little ones! They know that whenever we get out of the car we ALL hold hands- they never protest (they know I will win)! Ashton now holds his little chunky hand up for mine- I LOVE THAT about him. It feels just like a little velvety mitten- perfectly smooth & sweet!!! I pray that I never take these precious times for granted...

p.s. I have been going over somethings in my journal this morning & this spoke to me about "leaving a legacy" for my children. Scripture says that "a righteous man will be remembered forever". I want Josey & Ashton to see me:
1. living with INTEGRITY
2. serving with INTENSITY
3. giving with GENEROSITY
4. succeeding with HUMILITY
5. sharing Jesus with URGENCY

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