Monday, November 02, 2009

"a SUPER-FUN find"

Ashton & I ran a few errands this morning then headed to his music class. He is such a JOY- he never rushes me out of stores, tells me that I shouldn't buy something, or even objects to me trying on clothes (thus warranting a little trip into the Dollar Tree). I love that store because they get to pick out "ANYTHING" they want- it is a win-win. I also love that store because you never know what you may find???

We stumbled upon these & had to get some..
(I have seen the adult travel mugs, but not in a child's size before) I for 1 know a certain little 6 yr old that likes to take a little co-co-to-go like her momma!

I just traced around the ugly paper in the mug & added some fancy card stock & lettering. These would be extra sweet with fabric & rick-rack??? A few of Josey's friends have b-days coming up & these will certainly be the perfect gift idea. Also they would be perfect little stocking stuffers (gasp)... YES it will be that time very soon!!!

& of course I know how to gussy one of these babies up for the boy in my life too- just add a "choo choo" (this is the perfect personalized cup to take places too!!!!)

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