Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Happy Birthday Jo-Bo-Baby"

Ya'll know that I ADORE birthdays!!!! So today I get to spoil my favorite guy-
Happy Birthday Joey!!!
We LOVE you PICKLE & are Blessed to have ya!!! He has chosen chicken parm. for dinner (choosing is 1 of the perks for your day) & pumpkin cupcakes for dessert (this is the 1st year that I haven't made the birthday boy a pie, minus the bedrest year, since 1998)?

Joey's b-day 2003
(with blackberry pie)

Joey's b-day 2004
(with blueberry pie)

Joey's b-day 2005
(with blackberry pie & we had family pics that day too)

NO b-day for Joey 2006 (the A-man & I were on bedrest...
- although Cooner did make him a pumpkin pie)

Joey's b-day 2007
homemade milkshakes... & blackberry pie
(A-man went to bed too early to get one, but not before he destroyed the party hats...)

Joey's b-day 2008
raspberry pie- I know that ya'll are thinking, but he LOVES it!!!

(We went out to dinner for his b-day- no pics...)

p.s. Happy Veteran's Day DADDY & all those who have served our country. May God Bless ALL of you & your families!!!!!!

Wasn't he a little hottie???
(Cooner had these picture/postage stamps made while he was in Vietnam.)

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