Friday, November 20, 2009

"on the road AGAIN..."

We are headed back to IN this weekend for Thanksgiving. The children are totally beside themselves in anticipation of the whole trip... I wish that I could say that "I just couldn't wait to get back on the road again"... but I have never been much for 12 hour car trips NO MATTER what was promised. However- I really am VERY excited to get there & love on the ones that love us most!!! Hope ya'll have a blessed Turkey-Day (don't forget to give thanks for WHO pours the blessings out).

Guess who has been packed & ready since last week??
YES! You guessed it- Lucy Danyell... She will be making the trip too of course!

I asked Ashton what he wanted to take on the trip? He hesitantly said, "cars, trucks, & chips". (Have I mentioned lately how precious he is???)

p.s. get your glue guns ready ladies.... I'll see ya'll back here next week with some fun Christmas stuff- hurray!!!!

p.s.s. I'm just back from stalking the trash truck in our neighborhood. We (as in Ashton) missed it this morning & he watches for it every week from the time I take the dumpster out until the next morning? Anyway in the midst of packing... we missed it. NOT to worry- Joey promised him we'd (I) would take him around & find it! (the things that I do for these kiddos- yikes!)

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