Thursday, November 19, 2009

"where the wild things are"

Today I am thankful for my sweet Priss & her precious spirit! She drew this @ school & I must say, she is quite the little artist. Today her class is putting on a "talent show" in which you must show your talent, then explain how it can glorify God. She quickly tossed around some ideas- "Momma maybe I could show them ballet, or maybe I could fix Lucy Danyell's hair up really fancy, or maybe I could show them some craft stuff that I have made?" "Well Priss, how can those things glorify God?" I asked. "Huh- well.... dancing is like the angels in heaven, I could fix all the little girls hair in the world that have no Momma- (I think that He would like that), & crafting... well it makes the world prettier!" she said ALL smiles. I can't wait to hear which talent she decided on? In any case, I know that He will be pleased with His tiny creation & her big heart!

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  1. Priss, you are such precious little girl! I am so lucky to know you!! :)
    Aunt Kristy