Saturday, January 02, 2010

"eye candy.."

OK maybe because I am longing for some of the "white" stuff that Cooner has (snow)... that makes me want to paint my entire house WHITE!!!! I love the fresh look of it & whats more is I am sick of color (gasp). YES I said it... I am tired of bold color (please do not send me hate mail..) Anyway I am going to make some changes around Harris House & I am very VERY excited...

I (heart) this room- this would be the perfect guest room... Maybe in our next house???

and this living room.... AHHH if only???
I do however LOVE a touch of tiffany blue- who knew... maybe my little sweet boy has turned my eyes to another soft color besides pink??? Is it possible (ha ha ha)!!!!

and don't you just want to sit & relax in this living room??? I do!!!
(o-well... I can dream about it for now...)


p.s. the boys are out buying satin WHITE paint as I write this post... YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

more to come.........

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