Wednesday, January 06, 2010

"todays tid-bits"

I took this picture of the kiddos this morning eating breakfast in my bed... Could they look anymore opposite? I mean really her new sleek (flat ironed daily by her momma look) & his golden locks?? Both PRECIOUS in their own right!!

A-man made his first appearance @ the salon with me today- he was an angel (charming the gals & such). So much so that he is now the proud owner of this new little white truck!!! I LOVE this little boy to death!!!!!

We are some "STRAIGHT" shooting girls tonight...
(she loves it when I look like her- I hope this phase lasts for a while??)

p.s. I sheared my little lamb (A-man) this morning before we left... Is this short enough for ya Cooner???


  1. We love the picture of you two with straight hair... and A-Man looks as handsome as ever!
    Aunt Michelle & Baby Paige

    By the way, Paige said her first word "MOMMA". :)

  2. Precious Paige your Aunty Ashly loves you PICKLE!!!!