Thursday, January 14, 2010

"the COLD-hard-truth..."

I am a very cold-natured person (hence my new fetish with leg warmers) anyway winter is definitely here now & I am pitiful... Although I grew up in the Midwest- the coast seems to suit me better. When we go home- I am instantly reminded that I miss the idea of "snow" & not the actual "out driving in-yucky black/dirty-snowed in @ your house-no power-snow"! Here we have about 1 salt truck per county & with the"chance" of a flurry- schools operate on a 2 hr delay (I kid you NOT- this happened here this week). Anyway I am a pansy & I detest getting out in it & when I do I am so bundled that I can barely make a left hand turn safely. My kiddos are miserable because I insist on them wearing undershirts starting in November (I know- but I'm old fashioned like that) & I take layering to NEW levels that even GAP could not compete with... Which brings me to my point--- Ah yes I do have one! I made a little travel-heating-pad that makes your seat, back, or anything else toasty instantly.... I LOVE her & now she is in HIGH demand around Harris House! She almost makes we want to bereave the cold... almost!!!

~Handmade Heating Pad~

Here is what you need:
cotton fabric, rice, loose tea, & your sewing machine...

step #1- fold your fabric inside out (you can do this with any size/shape that you like) & single stitch the sides together. (mine is about 9'' X 16'')

step #2- turn your fabric right side out & divide it into sections. next sew up to about 3 inches from the open end & STOP.

step #3- fill the sections with rice to about 1/2 inch below where you STOPPED. I also added some loose Apricot & Flowers tea (lavender would be great too, but I don't drink that kind)- it gives it just a touch of me. (This is NOT necessary but I like it!)

step #4- finish up sewing the sections to the top, then stitch the entire open side closed. Then nuke it for about 3 minutes....

step #5- FINALLY curl up & relax with warm toasty feet!!!!!!!

p.s. Priss has already asked to sleep with this tonight (she always wants to sleep with my electric heating pad, but I think they are too dangerous)... I believe we may be making another handmade heating pad very soon...

p.s.s. She is going to work with me this weekend- I can be toasty going & coming--- YEAH!!!! Gone are my days of coveting my MIL's & SIL's automatic car starters (although I do think that if we lived in IN, I would have one- they are WONDERFUL)!

on a serious note: PLEASE keep the people in Haiti in your prayers (the area hit is exactly where Joey went on the medical mission trip last year). I can't believe the total devastation that they are going through. If you can PLEASE donate & bless them!

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