Thursday, January 28, 2010

"for you girls with little boys..."

I know you'll agree that little boy clothes are just not as cute as the little boys that have to wear them! If I were a super good & super confident sewer... I would make an entire clothing line just for my little A-man & all of his buddies... But the simple truth is (ahhh) I am NOT! However I do appreciate "cute" "simple" & "durable" looking things when I see them out. I recently came across the cutest little t-shirts @ Wally for boys.

They are simple little razor striped tees with appliqued trucks, motorcycles, cars, & boats. SOOO cute that I had to snatch up one of each (cause they were only $3.50 each).

He was so super PROUD of his outfit today... He just kept looking @ his shirt..

and then back to his new shoes (from Cooner & Papaw) then back to his shirt!!! I love this little guy... He has been the best little helper while I've been sick- THANKS A-man!!!!!

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  1. A-man is rockin' it out! He looks adorable and like he just stepped out of a magazine! hope your feeling better...i'm off to the doctor. :(
    love ya