Tuesday, January 05, 2010

"a year worth remembering..."

2009 was filled with good memories…

January:: I started this blog: to keep the family updated, to show the kiddos one day, but mostly to glorify GOD & show how He continues to bless our lives! (and Priss started growing her bangs out- BIG news still!!!)

February:: We made homemade valentines & snacks for her class party, had our 1st school canceled "snow day", we started ~Friday Night Dinners~, we ate candy, made candy & wore lots of red!

March:: We baked a lot, Cooner & Daddy Bud came to visit & brought A-man his first riding train (his "choo Choo" obsession began), Grandma Harris came to town & treated Priss to a mani & pedi..with hearts, we over-hauled our closets & cabinets & I began my "by Ashly" hair clip & bow business!!!!

April:: Joey went on a medical mission trip to Haiti, A-man made his first appearance @ the ER, we celebrated A-man's 2nd year of life & Daddy Bud's ?? year with a car party & Coldstone ice cream, then Cooner & I clapped & cried A LOT @ Prissy's ballet recital!!!

May:: We baked, we sewed, Priss & I went out for Mommy & Me tea, we went to the beach, we hosted a baby shower for Aunt Kristy, Uncle Dean & baby Corbin, we picked, squashed, & ate a lot of strawberries, then Priss graduated kindergarten...

June:: We went to the beach, ate A LOT of seafood, got some stellar deals @ the outlets, & we welcomed baby Paige into the world (and she was well worth the wait)!

July:: Yankee Doodle boy Corbin arrived on the 4th, Priss lost her 1st tooth, we went to the beach with the Hayes', we celebrated Prissy's 6th year of life with a luau with ALL of her friends @ the pool, & hosted one last summer fling back-to-school-play-date!

August:: We read a lot of books, swam, made Popsicles, shopped for school supplies (including markers this year), took A-man to the ER for the 2nd time & Prissy started 1st grade!

September:: A-man started his music class (and still adores it), Priss graduated to Sapphires II in ballet, A-man fell in love with magnifying "spy" glasses from Joey's office & brought a pair home to wear for a few days (or weeks).. then we swam & swam until the pool closed for the season...

October:: We went home to IN for the Apple Fest and to the yummy apple orchard with Grandma Harris (I miss those fresh apple doughnuts..) we hosted an American Girl play date, I did A LOT of sewing for the kiddos & me, we said "goodbye" to our river birch trees, we decorated LOTS of pumpkins, we "SPOOKED" the neighbors, & the kiddos won awards for their Yoda & Princess Leia costumes

November:: We celebrated Joey's birthday, went back to Indiana during Thanksgiving to celebrate with our families, we FINALLY started our home bible study group, & we swam @ the Great Wolf Lodge & watched it snow inside!!!

December:: We had fun doing Christmas crafts & hosting some play dates, we enjoyed the children's “Christmas programs & parties” @ school, we got all fancy for a tea party for Lucy's friends, we hosted a cookie painting party, we hosted our most important birthday party of the year for Jesus on His day, & Papaw sent sleds and the kiddos have been praying for snow ever since.... (maybe on Friday they are saying)!

and for 2010…

I am resolved to…

  • be more consistent with: time in the Word & being in communion with God, the discipline of my children, house keeping {not cleaning– but keeping as in organizing}
  • not ignore the Spirit of God
  • improve my furniture re-finishing skills & purchase some thrift store pieces to re-do
  • be more intentional about having people in our home for meals
  • teach my children more Scripture and large portions of it
  • clean & organize the garage & attic {again!}
  • overhaul & organize my kitchen cabinets and closets- (though I really love to do this one!)
  • get rid of half of my clothes that I've had since college...
  • plan & take my husband on a spend the night date
  • take each of the children on a spend the night date or all day date alone
  • surprise each person of the family with something fun, something spur of the moment, something unexpected
  • sew more & spend less
  • read at least 1 book a month (and possibly join my girlfriend's book club...)

And maybe, just maybe, since I wrote them all down I can hold to them! Here’s to a fresh start, another chance, and a NEW year! Thank the Lord for new beginnings!!

Thank you for all your comments & encouragement in 2009, I really appreciate all your support, emails, & comments… you make the blog so much fun!!


  1. This was a fabulous post-what a great idea! I love the year in review! Has it reallybeen a year since you started this? Well, I am so happy that you did. You are my daily 'read' for sure! And with all of that creativity inside of your little self-you needed a way to let the world in on your secrets! I love you dear friend and can't wait to see the blessings God pours out on your family in 2010! You guys are such an example of how intentional we all need to be with our faith-thank you for showing me that daily!

  2. Baby Paige loves the hairclips pictured in the blog!!! Some of which we haven't seen!!! Her momma is going to have to go back to the tutorial to learn how to make them!!! I hope that you have a blessed 2010!! You are such a blessing to us... I continue to grow closer to you and the little ones through your blog!