Friday, January 15, 2010

"is that a challenge?"

Sooo I do NOT consider myself a competitive person @ all! I can not recall the last card, board, or running game that I have won with my children... And when Joey & I play scrabble or Monopoly I have NO hesitations giving him my vowels or loaning him $10,000 every once in a while! Now with that being said- I have no real passion for games... Decorating on the other hand- I guess that's a horse of a different color? Last night while Joey was finishing putting Priss down I heard something that made the hair on my neck stand up.... "Priss are you all ready for you spelling test?" "Yes Sir"- she replied. "What are you most looking forward to @ school in the next few weeks?" "Well... I guess it's Fiber Guild (her craft club) or maybe art class- we are painting, or NO I think it's the Valentine's day party & ALL that stuff! I wish that Momma knew how to decorate for Valentine's day Daddy- I love All the fancy pink & red..." WHAT- they think that I don't know how to decorate for Valentine's day??? I quickly stormed to my craft room & pulled out EVERYTHING red & pink that I own (& ya'll know I have a lot of PINK). This morning when she left for school- I did this:

I added a Valentine bow & heart
to my winter wreath on the door!

I added some Valentine banners to the mirror with
some yummy Valentine candy treats...

And... as though one 3 tiered dish of candy wasn't enough- I had zero shame in impressing Priss with my Valentine decorating skills- so I added a few more bowls of pink, red, & purple candy around the house!!!

I dug out all of the fancy Valentine tea-towels that I have & replaced the "everyday" ones in the powder rooms & kitchen with these...

Finally... I found myself wanting to take it to even another level (of which I get to quite often) & made Lucy Danyell a Valentine "American Girl" style bow tree. It was the perfect thing to hold ALL of the 20 bows that Priss made for her this week... I think that this may be just the ticket to save face with my biggest fan???

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  1. that is hilarious! she knew how to get you movin' on the decos huh? ;)
    love kristy