Monday, January 04, 2010

"lessons I've learned this week..."

I now know these things for sure....

some people do look perfectly beautiful when they climb out of bed from slumber parties with their mommas..... My Priss is the best fellow that I know. I have cherished my sleep-overs with her over break & I look forward to many MANY more to come!!!

and some people do not.... but what can I say??? At least my hair is up (thanks to Priss) & my nails & toes are pretty thanks to her too!!!

you are never too young to perfect the art of hand washing... A-man now very diligently does a full 2 minute sterile scrub after he goes to the potty (for better or worse??)!

dance lessons can be fun with your brother...

and if they progress into a wrestling match.. well than that's a BONUS!!!! and there may be chance of him submitting to them again in the near future!!!

If when your hubby says "honey I'm taking A-man with me to town" while you're in the shower & when they get home you realize he is still wearing what you put on him LAST night for bed...smile cause- contrary to what I've been taught- nothing really bad happens if the world sees your little ones in their jammies @ 11:00 a.m.!!!

a yard of scrap fabric can make some little people very very happy...

seeing my children happily playing together & not having to say goodbye in the mornings for school.... makes my heart smile!!!!!

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