Saturday, January 30, 2010

"and then there were 4..."

Joey makes me a video every year for Mother's day. This is Ashton's story- I still can hardly watch it without completely crying my eyes out. All that I can say is "God is Good". He healed my little man & when I get a little overwhelmed with motherhood- I watch this video & remember how blessed I am!

I can still remember spending all day with him in the NICU then coming back home to put Priss in bed. She would pray the sweetest prayer every single night... "Lord Jesus PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help little baby Ashton get off the escalator (ventilator) & let my Momma be able to stay home with me"... Then Joey & I would go back & sit with him for hours. We couldn't hold him or touch him for the first 4 days of his life. Tonight- hold, touch, kiss, & love on your children a little extra. They probably won't understand now, but one day they will!!!

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