Saturday, March 20, 2010

"cabin fever- CURED"

Well.... my travelers did get on their way this morning (although Priss did make an appearance @ the doctor's office last night=ear infection). She was looking well & begged to go... so her daddy said "yes". I know that the IN folks will take great care of her for me! A-man & I finally got out of the house this morning- THANK GOODNESS!!!!!! We went to some tag sales & got a doughnut... or maybe more than 1 (in any case I'm not telling & neither is he). He found a car that he is totally nuts over (and for 50 cents- me too). I found some pretty leather bound books & a little chair....

Now let me first start by saying- Joey is the furniture master & not me... I merely find the "good deals" with beaucoup potential & he does his magic. But... I couldn't resist this little girl. She was originally just blond wood with some ugly ORANGE detail (I should have taken a before/after photo to show you?) I sprayed her white & left her in the sun... Then I fired up Joey's sander & the rest is history!

I thought she might be a perfect fit for my vanity.... but I wasn't sure?? (I know Cooner will give me her opinion when she gets here- YEAH)!!

But for how she's just sitting in a corner of my bedroom- A-man adores her. It's funny how children can spot the 1 new thing in a room.... I think she was worth $7.00 don't you?

p.s. knowing what I know now about this little car... and how my little guy would start missing his daddy & Priss... and how much he LOVES it!!! I would have paid much MUCH more for it....


  1. did i mention how much i love your blog....


  2. me too-thanks for keeping us "IN folks" so up-to-date! I ♥ the Harrises!