Thursday, March 04, 2010

some "smiling" faces

Yesterday was a bit overwhelming... Joey woke up the a little stomach bug (is it just me or when your man is sick it is the VERY worst). He is NOT an unkind or demanding patient... I just need him so much that when he is out-of-commission all is just NOT right in the world. Practically speaking keeping A-man quiet & trying to get his mind off of the fact that "daddy" was in the bedroom, yet he didn't want to wrestle just plain didn't penetrate the force of my 2 yr old! Needless to say- he is on the mend & is among the living today- PRAISE GOD!!!! I let Priss have free will with my camera & I must say she captures some pretty sweet moments in the mist of my despair (children are the best in bad situations).

This is A-man, Lucy, & Annabell (which he calls baby Paige- he is a little bias to his little cousin). These little guys were student in Prissy's class yesterday afternoon...

Lucy sporting her new flower pin that Priss made for her- "doesn't she look fabulous Momma?" was the comment I kept hearing over & over!!! I can totally see my Priss as a fashion designer one day- maybe she can get me samples- ha ha!

and this one I took--- I see this little "smiling face" everyday & I adore it!!!! I know one day she won't appreciate the little dimples of her childhood... but I will ALWAYS love them!!!!


belated Birthday
Grandpa Harris!!!
we love you...

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