Thursday, March 25, 2010

"he's a BIG boy now..."

Well.. much has happened around here the last few days including taking (deep breath in) the crib down for the 1st time in 7 years!!!! I though that tears would be shed, but we had to take the door off to get the new bed in... & there really was NO time to get emotional. However I may shed a few when I go to take the Easter decorations down & see her up in the attic. Priss did ask me to "save it for her".... "Of course" was my answer- "but you must promise to NEVER never sell her!" I said suddenly very seriously. I couldn't believe that came out? I think that all the junking & tag-sale-shopping that Cooner & I have done has made me a little sad.. I can't believe how people sell family pictures & priceless family heirlooms... O-kay now I am a little misty-eyed. Enough about me... here is where my BIG boy is sleeping these days....

I found this amazing iron bed @ a tag sale a few weeks ago. I fell in love, bought him, then called Joey a little scared about how we would get him home? He is 1 piece- made custom for a little guy a very long time ago. I sprayed him chocolate brown & he is perfect!!!

Cooner did love the "growth chart". We got it hung & Priss measured A-man right away! My little guy couldn't be happier- he will NOT leave his room & suddenly is alright playing by himself for extended periods of time (hence the fact that he's in most of these pics).

The coat rack was a hit too (I decided to antique it a little more with some brown paint)- we hung it just behind his door & he LOVES it!!!

But... the bed & the bedding is his MOST favorite thing... I fell in love with this quilt from "Land of Nod" (it has his curtain color in it & more fun colors to boot)!

Did I mention that he "L-O-V-E-S" it???

I filled his toy box with some "besties" & put some fun new pillows on top for additional seating. He's BIG now.. he may want to have his buddies over to play??

NOW.. my boys get to snuggle at night together & that's the best part of all....

p.s. He stayed in ALL night & called out saying "all done bed- get out?" this morning!!! Praise God- I thought I might get a little visitor in the middle of the night...

p.s.s. PLEASE say another little prayer for my Priss- we were back to the doctor today... still having ear issues........


  1. What a cute room! LOVE his big boy bed too. And could that picture of your guys sleeping together be any more precious!!

    PS. I think the growth chart is fabulous too.

  2. welcome back to blog-world friend- I MISSED you!!!!