Friday, March 12, 2010

"frugal entertainment"

I have to tell ya'll about one of my favorite frugal finds!! Did ya'll know that you can watch wonderful Jane Austin movies & tons of other great movies on Masterpiece Theater on PBS? They are by far some of my favorite versions of the films. I have been watching them for months now- so fun & did I mention.. it's FREE!!!!

Emma is my very VERY favorite- much better than the Gwyneth Paltrow version. It will make you want to live back then- (but you will really want a dowry) unless you find someone like Mr. Knightley to sweep you off your feet....

p.s. Josey has joined in my obsession of the theater!!! Joey took her into the city to a children's theater version of Les Mis. He said that her smile stayed on through intermission & still on the car ride home.... ahh be still be heart!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend- we are starting our 2 weeks off for:
Spring Break!!!
Thank goodness.. A-man refuses to share Priss anymore!!!

p.s.s.- THANK YOU for all of your sweet e-mails, comments, & prayers for my neck. I am SO much better- Ya'll are so precious to me!!!!!

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