Monday, March 08, 2010

"Josey's bible presentation"

Today Josey is presenting her very 1st oral bible project.... I must say that I am nervous for her (I know you already knew that..)! She prayed for Jesus to take away her belly bugs & for her daddy to stay until she finishes (as luck may have it.. he has the day off)- coincidence I think NOT! Josey is both beautiful on the inside & out. She is ALWAYS the very first to encourage others & to say nice things about whatever project that I may be doing. "Momma you are so good at that & NO that isn't awful Momma- it's wonderful" are said around this house almost daily. Jesus definitely resides in her heart & I know that He will shine through her today- as He does everyday!!!!! I wanted to show ya'll the little video that they (Joey & Priss) made to go along with her presentation. I only wish that ya'll could have seen us trying to make Prince Phillip, Prince Eric, & Price Charming into- Peter, John, & Jesus- hysterical!!!! Josey just kept saying "I know I have better looking boots for Jesus to wear Momma- do you think he looks good enough?"

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