Tuesday, March 09, 2010

"it's WHO I am..."

Well.... Prissy's presentation went in her words "perfectly GREAT". Joey said that she got a little shy (quiet) & that her teacher wanted her to play the video first (by the way the audio didn't work on the post yesterday- you were suppose to hear her sweet voice reading her passage??) & therefore changed her flow... and therefore she lost her place, but QUICKLY recovered! I'm just glad that he went & not me- I think I would have been forced to over-rule the teacher & go with Prissy's plan.... but I'm quite sure that is why God let Joey take her & not me! It's who I am- I have never been- NOR ever will be the momma who throws her little ones out into the cruel world alone. And with this being said- you will understand why I was up until midnight making "rainbow" cupcakes with cream cheese icing & sprinkles for her class (as part of her "visual aides"). I knew they would get her a clap @ the end & I also knew that she needed one last little bit of confidence going in. YES.... It's who I am & I make no apologies & no excuses for it...

I used 1 white cake mix & divided into rainbow colors to go along with
her verse & to go along with my St Pat's cupcake cups...

Then I layered them on top plastic gold & silver coins as though they were @ the end of the rainbow!!! So cute & sassy for the special occasion!!!!

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  1. I just have to say, you are an amazing mom!