Friday, March 19, 2010


#1- The mommy-daughter-daughter was a HUGE success!!! Most of ya'll know me & my weird-O antics about parenting... and that Joey & I decided when Priss was born that we would institute the "NO sleepover" policy. I know upon reading this you think I'm a prude?? Well maybe, but you can NEVER be too careful & since we have NO family close.... well- that's just the way it is! So with this being said when the opportunity arose to have a mother-daughter sleepover - I said "yes". However let me say that I LOVE sleepovers & we are going to have MANY over the next years to come @ Harris House- (starting with birthday #7 this summer)! And thanks to peer-pressure & the fact that "it only hurts for like 45 seconds" per Samie Grace- Priss woke up saying "Momma I've prayed about it & I'm going to get my ears pierced!". I was completely shocked, but I'm always up for new accessories!!!

#2- The new Barbie movie "Barbie in A Mermaid Tale" is so cute- if you have a girl I highly recommend that you get it & get ready to do some MAJOR rocking out to "She's the Queen of the Waves"!!!

#3- We showed the house again yesterday (I adore the 1 hour window that they give you- JK). Joey got home late.... I missed BUNCO again.... BOO!!! PLEASE do NOT kick me out just yet sweet girls????

#4- Joey & Priss are headed to IN this weekend & bringing Cooner back with them- YEAH!!!!! I guess he has finally given in to ALL the crying I've done over missing that girl.... Anyway A-man & I have BIG plans as well including finishing up his BIG-BOY-BED. I can't wait to show ya'll what I found for his room... Please keep my precious travelers in your prayers!
Have a great weekend!!!

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