Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"what is your weight"

I took these little hot off the glue gun- "by A" St. Patrick's Day clips to my Beth Moore study yesterday. Each of the girls have at least 1 girl & I wanted to bless them as they bless me each week!

We are in the 4th chapter of Esther & WOW I thought I knew the story already, but my eyes have been completely opened to a much bigger & RICHER story. This week we learned how "it's tough being a woman thrown a giant-sized weight". Now practically speaking that sounds "like other people with much BIGGER problems & not us", but I believe that the weight that she is speaking about is whatever you keep & do NOT leave @ the cross... Just know beloved- God loves you so. He is hard at work in your life, and the same eye that's on the sparrow is on the wristwatch!!

p.s. A-man & I were in a bit of a fender-bender yesterday... Today I'm praising GOD for: his hand of safety that was on everyone involved, the fire trucks that made the very scary situation very FUN for the A-man- (he is still talking about them), & for modern day miracles such as.... muscle relaxers!!! Somehow though I can't help to feel as though my "weight" has changed a little bit this morning.... NO longer am I concerned about broken cars & messed-up schedules; I am THANKFUL I have another day with my beloved ones & that's more that enough for me!!

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