Thursday, January 13, 2011

".... happy B-day Travis"

{proof that we are o-kay- some of us better than another..}
Well.... due to several missed phone calls, un-answered e-mails, missed texts {sorry- I'm still very slow to respond to those}, & lastly a frantic voicemail from Cooner- let me put your concerns to rest!!! I am alright!!! I have in the midst of the usual house chores, baking frenzy {due to the 3 snow days NO doubt}, playing in the snow, cleaning up after the "playing in the snow", making the most of the "can't go anywhere because of the snow", & the countless hours of Lego play with an occasional piano recital {or 10} around here.... managed to hurt my back. I hate the term that your back is "out" but I guess that is what I must say.... Mine is OUT!!! and I desperately need her back.... However I am getting better & I know that the Lord has a way of slowing you down.. even if you don't want to!!!!

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with today's post- but I chuckle at it every time I read it. I love her loyalty to me- it almost makes Ashton's loyalty to Joey a little easier to take... a little! Her sweet little ways are just what the doctor ordered!!!!}

Happy Birthday to my favorite brother!!!!
Although you NEVER let me play with you {unless you call playing Lazar tag with you & me wearing BOTH targets}, or if you count killing a deer under "my license" so that you could hunt longer than opening weekend, or how you would manage to make it home from college only on weekends that I had dates {coincidence... I think NOT}.... You put me shame at ANY sporting event & still do {except running- ha ha}. Still through it all... you love me when I am unlovable, you praise me when I don't deserve it, & you make me SO proud to be your sister EVERYDAY!!!! This and a MILLION BAZILLION other reasons is why me & the rest of my gang love you PICKLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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