Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"some somethings..."

I read somewhere {around Christmas time- what can I say??? I see things & just sorta store them until I need them...} where you should put "proper thought" into what you give your children. Isn't this catchy???

#1. something they want
#2. something they need
#3. something to wear
#4. something to read...

I love this so much that I'm gonna institute it for their birthday's this year... Clever huh... a way to give them things that I want them to have?????


Today is the 1st day of my bible study- {I can't wait to see you ladies}!!!! We are starting this-

and it looks amazing. I skipped ahead into the homework {I know... you who know me well, know I'm nerdy like that! } & it looks wonderful too. Day 2 encourages you to- start seeking God through His word & spending time in prayer, at the same time asking Him or a hunger & thirst to seek Him diligently. So-let's just say- "I'm in"!!!!!! I'll keep y'all updated through the weeks. Have a blessed day!!!!!!

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