Monday, January 10, 2011

"welcome to the Island of Hoth...."

And if y'all are like me & are new to the whole Star Wars thing {not to worry the A-man is quickly teaching me the names even as I type this}- Hoth is a snowy place in Episode 5.... We LOVE the snow {at least for the 1st day inside.... Then it gets a bit crazy around these parts.}!!! We are making the most of the entrapment by....

playing with Legos.... in our pj's

{can you believe this price??? We found them on clearance after Christmas. They are over $30.00 on Amazon. I think the Lord must have wanted the A-man to have them- wink wink!!}

one of us is playing with littlest pet shops.... but she's NOT in her pj's... O- NO she is decked out {like always} making us look a little under dressed........ But we love her anyways!!!

and... when my little Priss finishes with her pets.. We are attempting to start working on our 2011 Valentines... They are gonna be precious!!!!! Here is a little peek in Prissy's...
Now that's it... y'all have to wait until next month!!

Hope you're having a great Monday too!!!!!

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