Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"a riddle..."

How about a little riddle this morning.... What's red & pink & LYSOLed ALL over???? Do you give up??? ****** our house!!!!!!!! Yes after we finally got the Priss on the mend... the A-man is now a little sick dog. He is the most pitiful guy when he is sick {and like Joey he braves it well- ha ha ha}. Although not to worry.... he says that "he thinks that a dittle (little) Lego prize might make him better!" I think we might be underestimating his wooing powers???? Never-the-less I'm up for a Lego prize if he will eat....... And while he's napping in my bed {and I'm washing ALL the other bed clothes in the house AGAIN- this week!}... I'm doing a little V-day decorating........


p.s. Joey got me a new camera..... now I just need help operating the dang thing.... PLEASE help {Jodi, Tina, & Nicole}!!!!!!!!!

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