Monday, January 03, 2011

"..a year in review!"

2010 was filled with many MANY amazing memories.... You can click on all of the words in {..} to see our year. Enjoy!!!!!

January:: I had my Blog-aversary & wrote about it {here}. I {one day} hope to copy this thing into a book form for the kiddos to keep as a reminder of how much their crazy Momma loved them!! Joey finished up A-man's baby video on {this} post- & I cried my eyes out!!! Prissy & I had some super fun {slumber parties} over break. We played in the snow {as much as you can in NC}. And FINALLY the A-man became {potty trained}- Amen!

February:: We decked the house out in red & pink; made Prissy's valentine {here} & A-mans' Valentine {here}; then made Valentine backpacks for her class party {here}. I joined my 1st ever Beth Moore bible study & started a new Holiday line of "By A". Finally when the dust had started to settled on the house & all the crafting we had done... we put it on the market!!!

March:: A-man got his big-boy-bed {here}. Cooner came for a surprise visit & rescued us from some dreary cabin fever. Prissy faced her fears of getting her ears pierced {here} & oral presentations {here}. And I sewed a lot & re-finished A LOT of furniture...

April:: We had a little trauma @ the Great Wolf Lodge {aka Great Big Dodge- in A-man's words} {here}. Cooner & Papaw came into town for A-man's 3rd b-day {here} & for Prissy's ballet recital- PRECIOUS {YES there were tears}!!!!!! Prissy mastered the BIG bike. Joey did a little more furniture re-do's {here}.... We proved to be NO foolin' in April {here}. And finally we celebrated the joy of resurrection Sunday {here}!

May:: Prissy finished up 1st grade {she continues to amaze me}. I learned how Wonderful it really was Being a Woman {here}. We welcomed Lanie into the family & braced ourselves for summer & bare-legged bruises like {these}. A-man tried his hand @ golf. I wrote about the most wonderful Mom that a girl could hope for {here}. Then with heavy hearts we said goodbye to our Precious Grandpa Harris {who by the way got an A+ for his life here on earth- in Prissy's words!!}.

June:: The pool opened & A-man found his "brave"- YIKES!!!! While the kiddos had VBS... I found a few great finds like {this}! We celebrated the wonderful Fathers that God has been given us {here}. We made a few weekend trips to the beach. Then we said "good bye" to our dear friends the Bakers- we LOVE you guys!!!! And I started a new adventure with my friend Tina {here} & {here}!!!!

July:: We sported our RED , WHITE, & BLUE & the kiddos entered the bike parade on our neighborhood. We swam- MORE than ever before!!! I planned a super fun surprise dinner for my soul mate {here}. My sweet girl turned 7 {here} & we planned our 1st ever slumber party {here} , {here}, & {here}. Then we ended our summer with one last beach trip with the Hayes'!!!!

August:: Prissy started {2nd grade}.... and A-man started {Pre-school} {still hard for me to say} wanna see them?? Okay look {here}! Then I took a deep breath & thought about my life {here}. But the pool was still open so we.. "just kept swimming" !! Then, I caught a glimpse of the {miracles} right before me eyes.

September:: We crafted a LOT. Prissy & I found out just how Practically Perfect Mary Poppins really is {here}! We re-furbished some more white stuff {here} & {here}. ...More baking & swimming & play-dates. My precious Prissy graduated to Rubies in ballet. Then we ended our month with a Little {Lady A} !!!

October:: We haunted out the house for Halloween {here}. Then we spooked out our neighbors {here}. We took a trip back home for the Apple Festival {here}- so FUN!! The kiddos started lovin' the Colts!! We look a trip down memory lane here. The kiddos got All fancy for "tricks or treats" {here}... And I let my "yes be YES" {here}!!!

November:: We got ready for our big trip to Disney by looking back @ our 1st trip {here}. {Here} we are @ A-man's 1st Disney trip- "priceless"!!!!! I showed Joey 36 reasons why "I love him" {here} & we had a party for him {here}. The girls & I headed to the beach for some LONG over due "girl-time" {here}. I ran my 1st ever race with my sweet friend Jodi & we hosted Thanksgiving with our dear friends the Moon's {here}! Then Prissy summed up what Thanksgiving is ALL about {here}...

December:: Cooner came & gave me a little lesson on tree-trimming {here} {ha ha ha}... We had class parties, made {teacher gifts} & {class treats}, went to school {programs}, hosted a play-date or two... & then slowed things down a bit with a trip back home to IN.... Then we ventured back to NC for Christmas & our own traditions. We celebrated {Jesus' b-day} in style & praised HIM for all of our blessings throughout the year!!!!!!!!!

Thank y'all so much for sharing in our lives through 2010. I can't wait to see what 2011 holds for us?? Hold on tight- y'all never know with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. you are so good at this! i love reading your thoughts and harris happenings! it makes me feel like we live just down the street from each other-which i WISH was the case. :( I can't wait til you print this as a book-its going to be awesome! What a great gift for your children....they are so blessed to have YOU for their mama! love ya!kristy