Saturday, October 31, 2009

"TrIcKs & TrEaTs"

We're back... but our (Joey & mine) backs our both still out!!!! Joey is laying on my heating pad even as I write this (I know that he will never curse her again for being left on- on his side)..... We ALL had a blast- Joey rode the hay wagon with the kiddos & I drove behind & helped get them in & out (about 1,000 times)- ouchy!!!!!!! Here are some pics from our day:

Priss sported this little outfit ALL day- until time for the hair buns....
(which by the way only took 1 do-over..)

Ladies & Gentleman I give you:
~Princess Leia & Yoda~

me & cutest little Stars Wars characters in this Galaxy!!!

the WHOLE Harris Gang!!!
(I wonder why it is that Joey looks more rested than I do??
ha ha ha...)

Princess Leia accepting her award for:
"Best Halloween Hair"

Yoda accepting his award for:
"Best Over All Costume"

posing for pictures after the awards......
(I got a little misty eyed during the ceremony of course- I'm such a water-head!!!!)

Princess Leia- after completing her costume with
her light-up mask & lightsaber...

Yoda & Leia
(waiting for the others on the hay wagon-getting very sleepy)

(2 very PROUD & Very TIRED Jedi parents)
until next year......
May the Force be with Ya'll!!!

p.s. THANK YOU Laura & Sheri for making the Club House party soooo fun- we always have the best time!!!

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