Monday, December 28, 2009

"more Dec. stuff..."

I can't believe that it will be 2010 this week- YIKES!!! We have had SO many fun things to do this month- here are a few that I didn't tell ya about & few worth repeating...

We went to Sami Grace's 6th birthday & of course Lucy Danyell was invited too..

The girls painted ornaments & had a ball- so FUN!!!

My scrap ribbon box is now nearly empty thanks to these little boogers! I think that we have no kidding made about 100 of them- but they are super cute & how could I say NO to this little face???

Have ya'll seen these yet?? Cooner & Papaw sent these I-spy/find it games for the children for Christmas. You shake & shake until you find all of the missing items- so fun but ADDICTING!!!

We went to several parties/events together as a family this year including the Christmas Eve service- Josey has found a new passion for photography... she is getting better- at least this one has some of her daddy in it!! The others looked like pictures of just me- ha!

We've done a WHOLE lot of eating/baking, but this stuff is sinful! If ya'll haven't tried our Harris banana bread (without oil or butter) get to it!!!! You will NOT be disappointed!

Josey has taken to her new sewing machine beautifully!! These are 2 of her latest creations- matching pillows for her & Lucy Danyell. I think an etsy shop may be in her near future...

and.. gone are the days of using my mop bucket as a drum! Ashton now has his own set that can be thankfully lowered in volume very very quickly!!!! He adores them & I wish that you could see him playing- he is a natural!!!!

and... although that tree is all tucked away until next year, I can't bring myself to erase the Dec. message from our chalk board!!! Thank You Jesus for blessing us so richly in 2009- you are our greatest treasure!!!!!!!!

p.s. I'm taking a blog holiday for the rest of the week with the kiddos, but I will have a whole lot of Harris news for ya'll next week. Be blessed!

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