Friday, February 26, 2010

"before & after"


I picked this little beauty up along side the road @ a tag sale on the way to get Priss.... She was only $20.00- (you should have seen my poor childrens little legs pushed up against the seats to fit her in- don't worry... they got rewarded for their bravery!!!!!)


My sweet Joey painted & distressed her for me (he really has gotten quite good @ it!!!). I ADORE this little side-board & she looks perfect next to my "new" table that Joey finished last month.... ahhh I am starting to get addicted to WHITE furniture!!!!!!!!!

p.s. I took my antique dining room chairs to get some repair work (hopefully one day we can actually sit back in them & if you've ever eaten with us you can testify with me). The man just kept going on & on about "how old they were & did I know if they had markings?" - I felt like I was on Antique's Roadshow! He about died right there when I said "I just need them to be sturdy, I'm gonna paint them white." I can't help it- I love me some white!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh you are so darn cute---LOVE your eclectic mix of colors and layers. girl after my own heart! And what you did with the roadside rescue--divine. We're besties already. So nice to meet you.

  2. $20??? I would have come to a screeching halt for WAY more than that LOL. You have a beautiful home, and Joey just may have to start refinishing furniture he is so great at it!!

    Thanks for sharing in our first Fresh Coat Friday!!