Wednesday, February 03, 2010

"her 2010 Valentine"

Well.. in keeping to my theme of using their interests for their Valentines- we are making IPods. They so remind me of her & how grown she is getting + she adores her iPod!!! In the past we have made: lollipops (wand shaped of course for my little Princess), barbie & the 12 dancing princesses (I loved that year- she wore her costume to the Valentine's day party) , kissing mice (inspired by Cinderella- she also wore her costume to that Valentine party- so fun!), & last year we made a little cartoon of her with a big red hair bow & gave out Valentine bracelets (my favorite until this year). Here is a look @ her 2010 Valentine...

We used:
Valentine gift wrap, Valentine Sweetheart boxed candy, Valentine chocolate candy (for the ear buds), Valentine colored yarn.

First we taped one end of the Valentine yarn to the candy box.

Next we covered the candy box with Valentine paper.

Then we added the Valentine ILove-Ipod decals (I made these in word press & printed them out).

Finally we added the Valentine candy hearts (ear buds).

TA DA!!!!
from: Josey

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