Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"fat-Tuesday & some white stuff"

Today is "fat Tuesday"... and the name speaks for itself! We are getting fat & sassy here @ Harris House from YUMMY cheesecake. Joey makes me 2 a year (1 for my birthday & 1 for Valentine's day). They rival "Encore Cafe" in B-town's version (the absolute BEST in the world). If you are ever downtown Bloomington- go & get dessert- you won't be sorry!!!

on another note.. we got 4-6 inches of fluffy white (snowman) snow Friday night!!!! The kiddos had a ball (all 3- ha ha ha). I had to go to work & fix all of the boo-boos of the people who fell playing in it YIKES!!!!

blessings ya'll!!!!

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