Saturday, February 13, 2010

"V-day party 2010"

Much fun was had by ALL.... Here is a look @ Prissy's class party-

A-man & I brought in a "sweet shop" party tray- sure
to satisfy any sweet tooth!!!!
(try the BIG candy canes too for making hearts- the kiddos loved them)

I LOVE these little scripture candy bags from Oriental Trading...

Priss making her backpack SUPER fancy!!!

~Priss with Sami Grace~
(peaking in fanciness- Priss brought extra necklaces to share with her BFFs)

A-man LOVING the YUMMY treats Prissy's friends shared with him... They were very VERY gracious to him!!!!

~Priss with Hannah Mae~
and their gorgeous backpacks!!!!!

Mrs. White & the pack!!!!!
(they are the sweetest children- I can't count how many times that I was thanked for my help- so worth the effort!!!!!!

the A-man ready to leave the party (after not having had a nap). He had given away all of his treats & filled his backpack with cars from Mrs. White's toy-box!!!!! He gave them back:(

and then he fell asleep before I got the car loaded!

The fun continued on when we got home- Priss took a complete inventory... and her daddy helped her eat some!!!

p.s. BIG thanks to Ashley D. & Jenny H. for ALL of your help @ the party... Your daughters are blessed to have you & so am I!!!!!!!!!

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