Monday, February 08, 2010

"chocolate boxes"

I am getting ready for a super fancy Valentine dinner party & thought that I would give each guest a little Valentine chocolate box. Now... where would I find such a thing.. small, inexpensive, & fancy??? Then I thought about using little matchboxes! You can get 10 for about $1.00 & use whatever Valentine ribbon & scraps that you have. They turned out precious!!!

from this:

to this:
TA DA!!!

Although I recommend NOT filling them with Valentine candy until the day of your party....

A-man & I ate ALL of their YUMMY Valentine contents this afternoon...
SHH don't tell on us!!!

p.s. Prissy's 1st questions this morning- "Momma did the Colts win the game?" "NO ma'am- we didn't" I said (a little sad)... "Well at least we got second- and that's pretty good too!!!" she chimed in.... AHH the perspective of a 6yr old!

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