Thursday, February 04, 2010

"the skinny on the sign..."

Well... hold on to your computers when ya'll hear this one! About a month ago my husband said "hey I think we should sell our house" very calmly while driving to our home group's bible study (no doubt he knew that Catherine & Jodi would know just what to say to calm my fears). Then about 2 weeks ago he called & got a realtor... Now we have this big red sign in front of our house & I feel the need to swish my toilets EVERYDAY (yikes)! I am trusting in God- this is still such a shock to me... We brought both of our babies home to this house- we LOVE our neighbors- we love this house & ALL of the sweet memories in it!!! It's going to be good right? Living closer to our friends, school, church, the market... Then why am I having such BIG concerns???? I guess this is one of those little things that the bible calls "trials"- I really do not LOVE trials, but I know that I should... They (after all) are "developing perseverance making me mature & complete"... Keep us in your prayers- we want His will & NOT ours to be done!

p.s. We are ONLY moving into town... NOT back to IN. I'm not sure if that was clear from my ramblings??? Priss was heartbroken when she saw the sign. A-man laughed & pointed saying "BIG.. WOW.... BYE BYE"!!!!

On a side note: we finished up the dining room table & built-ins. I LOVE the white- so clean & fresh looking... Now- what to paint next????

and 1 of my favorite brown eyed boys has his very 1st dentist appointment today.... He is very excited now... I hope that his enthusiasm lasts until he is out of the chair???

"A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit."
~Prov 15:13~ I am going to smile more today!!!!!!

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