Thursday, February 11, 2010

"ruffles & stuff"

Today I felt like making something... I grabbed an old t-shirt from Joey's drawer (shhh) & a new red long sleeve t-shirt (from Wally for $3.00) out of Prissy's closet. The rest is history!

I cut up the black t-shirt into strips (NO they are not even... I don't have one of those fancy wheel cutters with the fancy board that makes PERFECT lines everytime- hint hint)!

Next single stitch the strips all the way across (do not back stitch).

Then pull one end of the string gently until you get a ruffly look.

Next pin them where you want them & sew!

You have instantly transformed something old & borrowed into something new &... red!!! Plus this will look precious for her Valentine's day party @ school (that is if they get to wear something festive instead of her uniform??) paired with the little polka dot/zebra striped twirl skirt from last year???

p.s. We went out to dinner last night @ Outback- so fun!!! I love food that I don't have to cook... (I found a coupon for a FREE appetizer on-line- YEAH!!!!!!)

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