Friday, February 19, 2010

"a bit of this & that"

Yesterday was a bit of a whirl-wind.... Much to do & NOT enough time to do it. We showed the house, went to a meeting, started a new bible study with some new/old friends- that is AMAZING!!!

"It's Tough Being a Woman- the book of Esther"

On a side note... Priss & I have been making these little roses- they are addictive & quite a "little conversation piece". Here is how we made them-

start by cutting a circle shape out of felt

then rip/cut strips of 1 inch wide fabric into strips

tie a knot at the end & hot glue it into the center of your felt circle. then roll, twist, & glue...

Wa- LA
you have some fabulous new little accessories!!!

I glued one onto a headband like the one I loved from J Crew... tres chic!!!

and while we were crafting....

little A-man was patiently putting together his car & truck puzzles!!! He has now mastered his complete collection (total of 8) 12 piece puzzles. And he is VERY proud of himself.. but not as much as I am of him!!!!!! GOOD JOB lil' Mr.

p.s. We (as in Joey & the kiddos- I will be @ work) are showing the house tomorrow! PLEASE pray that it goes well.....

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