Thursday, September 03, 2009

"another day-another lesson.."

When I pick up Priss from school- we always exchange the same questions:
How was your day? Was it good or great? In ALL of her school days (pre-school included) she ALWAYS says great or better!! I have heard "fantastic", "marvelous", "splendid", "the best", "stupendous", & MANY many other very grown very colorful positive words! I love that about anyone, but when you grew the person who speaks that way- your heart smiles!!! Last night @ dinner we did our usual round table (best/worst part of our day). When it was her turn she said; "well the best part was our 3rd recess for being good & the worst was... well... I didn't have one. I adored it ALL!!!!" I read once that a mother is only as happy as her saddest child. Today this mother is rejoicing knowing that her little one gets it! I want to be a little more
content today & a whole lot more thankful!!!!!!

"ice-box cookies"
these little morsels are just the ticket
for a quick dessert. My Grandma Sissy made these
for years & years. You just spread cream cheese icing
in between graham crackers & enjoy!!!!

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