Friday, September 18, 2009

"lunchbox love-notes.."

Do ya'll remember my "pretty notes" post from last year. Well it has remained a tradition to write those to Priss & put them in her lunch everyday. I had a lot of chats/e-mails with friends that have started this too. Now with first grade comes much MORE prayer & careful consideration to her lunch like: picking a snack that can be consumed "quickly" & choosing a lunch that "looks yummy in a baggie". Both of which are HUGE to my 6 yr old!!!! Then comes the important stuff like: making sure that the note is in place..... I always pack it last, but I am thinking of it during the entire process. "What does she need to hear from me when I can't be with her?" I think to myself. Then it came to me- scripture!!! So I have started to pray over her little notes (cause I know that can't hurt). What a blessing these little lunchbox love-notes can be for our children!
I encourage ya'll to try this out!!!

"They even help on spelling tests Momma"- I hear....

(p.s. PINK polka dot napkins can't hurt either!!!!!)

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  1. you're such a sweet and awesome mommy! your children are so blessed that you are theirs!you are instilling so many wonderful things into them-scripture is such a powerful thing to have in ones' heart and both of your babies will have it there forever.....
    love ya bunches-kristy