Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"his 1st day of Music class"

well.... his 1st day of Music class was better than I could have even hoped for!!! He adored EVERYTHING including the "take home" drum sticks- they got broken in on the car ride home (ha ha). I didn't think that he would take to his teacher so quickly, but after the sticks were passed out- he became very comfortable with Ms. Nicole... He was the perfect little gentleman- waiting his turn & letting the girls go first (whoever said that chivalry was dead- has never met one of my boys)! I was SO proud of him. We can't wait until next week- thanks for your prayers!!!!! ~Here are a few pics from yesterday~

this is A-man ready for "school"
3 hrs before we had to leave....
(I think that he has been sooo ready to
go to something for him for a change & not
for his sister....)

this is his backpack that he insisted on taking..
(it has been in his closet for months- I was saving it for pre-school)
I must admit that it made him VERY happy & look very big!!!

please excuse this "very proud momma"
picture.. it was taken after class & I was still
so happy that he was SO good & that he loved it!!!
(I'm corny like that..)

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  1. awww little ashton going to 'school'! :) i love it! i also love his backpack-where did you get it? is that one of the shirts you made? super cute! you look gorgeous as always my friend!
    love kristy