Monday, September 14, 2009

"lazy-crazy-days of summer"

Yesterday we just kicked back & relaxed around the house. We colored,
played a little touch football (in the spirit of opening weekend), & busted out old Mr. Potato head. Ashton has become quite the little artist & Josey... well she amazes me with her talents!!!

these were some of my favorite pieces:

"Ballet Class"
(pay special attention to ALL of their accessories
& that beautiful FONT- she is seriously VERY talented!!)

(I couldn't imagine why she wanted to know how to spell
college- then I saw her picture... She thinks that is what it will be
like- "just sitting in a BIG class listening to a little teacher". I think
that she is way too smart for her age!!!)

"my dresses"
these are all little dresses that she designed-
(don't you love the details right down to the hangers)

"his- Mr. Potato head"
(we are just working on getting the nose & the arms in
the right holes at this point- he loves this little guy..)

p.s. A-man starts his music class this morning. I hope to get some pictures to share with ya'll tomorrow. Say a little prayer that he is good & has a fun time!!!

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