Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"TU TU tutorial.."

o-kay ladies... dust off those sewing machines cause
Halloween is just around the corner & I have a super cute
costume or party-dress (in our case) idea to share:

~Holy-Ween Tu Tu~

this is all that you need:
go to Wally, Michaels, or any place with wedding stuff &
ask for Tulle. It comes in these little spools or by the yard.
You will need 1 spool of each color or 2 yards if on the spool.

measure your little cutie-pie's waist
& sew (this took all of 15 seconds)

measure out your 6 inch wide
tulle lengths to 30 inches long

ta da:
this is what you'll have in the end: 3 poofy piles

do the same with matching ribbon (rick-rack would look sweet too,
but I didn't have any on hand..)

tie tie tie- until you little hearts content! (don't make your knots
too tight- it takes away from the poof)

wait by the clock until time to pick up the one its intending for..... GOOD LUCK!!!
(I made one of these for Priss before Christmas last year with red, green, & white- then added jingle bells & ribbon- so sweet!!!! Also- I think these would look precious with red, black, & white for a ladybug costume too- I saw some wings @ the Dollar Tree the other day???? )
this takes 20 minutes from first cut to finish- so worth your time-
I promise!!!

p.s. I picked up some precious black & white tights @
(I love you Target) that will pull this little Tu Tu into a complete ensemble for the many festivities that October holds...


  1. Such a cute idea! I have been making ribbon pony o's for Jaclyn like this! I am going to try to sell them too. You always have the best ideas!!:o)

  2. Ashely I love reading your blog! Thank you for te inspiration!